İzmir Ameliyatsız Varis Radiofrekans Lenf Ödem Yara Tedavisi

This season, the Premier League before the start of the 29th round managed to play 286 matches. On average, referees record 21.98 rule violations per game. For comparison, in the previous season, following the results of 380 meetings, the average foul rate was 21.46. So the discrepancy in the data by about half a point indicates the stable work of the judiciary. At the same time, the bookmaker determined the indicator of 23.5 violations of the rules as the total bar. It seemed a little overpriced to me.

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Both Fulham and Leeds played lower division last year. Therefore, you can only operate with the statistics of the current season. In terms of the number of tackles and aerial martial arts, they are approximately in the middle, so one should not expect a large number of fouls from these teams. According to my estimates, there should be from 17 to 19 rule violations.

The upcoming match will be served by a referee team led by David Coot. From the average judge of the Premier League, his individual indicators differ only a little. So my prediction for foul range remains the same: 17 to 19. In general, we play total under 23.5.

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