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One more hello, again Arthur Petrosyan!

Champions League again, Olympiacos Manchester City.

As we expected, City disappointed in the match against Tottenham, played below average and lost. Tottenham had a great match, won and climbed up the standings.

City problems are visible to the naked eye. To be honest, I’m surprised that Guardiola’s contract was renewed literally on the eve of the Spurs match. From the outside, it seems that everything that he could, Guardiola has already done with this team, and something needs to be changed. Perhaps a coach.

There is no ease in the actions of the team – what we are used to, City does not demonstrate. Somehow everything turns out not very nice, despite the presence of cool players in the team. Of course, a busy schedule also affects.

As for Olympiacos, they are a decent team with a good coach. She has not conceded a goal at home, including the Champions League match against Marseille. I don’t think City will be so easy here.

I’ll tell you a little story that will smoothly flow into the bet. There is a player named El Arabi in Olympiacos. A little over a year ago, he was 32 years old and was thinking of ending his career in Qatar. Even the Qatari club did not sign a new contract with him, he became a free agent. Olympiacos decided to lengthen their bench, sign the Moroccan – and signed. If you remember, Olympiacos got caught by Krasnodar in the last Champions League qualification – in the first match the Greeks won 4: 0, and in the return game Krasnodar scored an early goal, but, surprisingly, El Arabi got into the starting lineup. scored the return goal and took the team to the Champions League. You can imagine – there was no one needed a footballer, and now he has become the hero of a new team, brought it to the Champions League. UEFA then recognized him as the best player of the match, I talked with him after the game on this topic, he glowed with happiness. I asked about his dream, to which he replied that he wants to play against an English club. Olympiacos was cast by lot to play Tottenham and scored a goal in London. Then Olympiacos took third place, went to the Europa League, where he got caught by Arsenal. His winning goal in London propelled Olympiacos into the next round. Then the team got Wolverhampton, which he also scored. Why not bet that El Arabi will excel against City. Why not? Miracles happen, dreams come true, so anything can be here.

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In the first match of these teams, Olympiacos looked pretty decent. Yes, City scored an early goal, but didn’t show much after that. “Olympiacos” looked quite soundly, he did something in front of him, from behind everything looked organized and competently. But then Guardiola took advantage of the fact that five substitutions can be made in the Champions League, refreshed the team, and two substitutes scored two goals at the very end of the match.

Based on this, the bet is that Olympiacos will not lose in the first 30 minutes. Everything can be in the second half, perhaps Guardiola will do the same trick and release fresh players. However, another bet is Olympiacos’ victory with a handicap (+1.5). It seems to me that he has a chance.

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